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3D printing has offered some helpful services for building, medicine, food and aerospace markets. 3D printing has actually permeated almost each and every single sector and has provided some ingenious solutions challenges all over the world. Here are a couple of cool examples of how 3D printing is altering the future: 3D Printed Houses Nonprofits and cities all over the world are relying on 3D printing to solve the global homeless crisis.

Utilizing a 33-foot long printer, New Story is able to produce a 500 square-foot home, complete with walls, windows and two bed rooms in just 24 hours. Up until now, New Story has developed small 3D-printed house areas in Mexico, Haiti, El Salvador and Bolivia, with more than 2,000 homes being 100% printed.

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3D Printed Food 3D printed food looks like something out of the Jetsons or too good to be real. In fact, if it can be pureed, it can be safely printed. Like something out of a sci-fi program, 3D printers layer on real pureed components, like chicken and carrots, in order to recreate the foods we understand and love.

You may desire to buy your meal ahead though. 3D food printers are still fairly sluggish. For example, a detailed piece of chocolate takes about 15-20 minutes to print. Even so, we have actually seen printers craft whatever from hamburgers to pizza and even gingerbread homes using this mind-blowing technology. 3D Printed Organs and Prosthetic Limbs In the future, we'll see 3D printers produce working organs for those awaiting transplants.

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In this process, organs are first 3D modeled using the exact specifications of the recipient's body, then a combination of living cells and polymer gel (better understood as bioink) are printed off layer-by-layer to develop a living human organ. This development innovation has the ability to alter the medical market as we understand it and reduce the drastically-high number of clients on the organ contribution waitlist in the US.