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Roy Kaufman, handling director of business development and federal government relations at Copyright Clearance Center, is a copyright and patents lawyer by training, and he alerted that the production industry might be approaching its "Napster minute." By that, he suggested the experience of the show business when music and motion pictures could be quickly reproduced and pirated on the web." I believe we're visiting, as we see with practically every innovation, 2 things occur: Things get cheaper, and they improve," Kaufman stated.

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However, the mere fact that 3D printers are becoming more widespread makes it a possible circumstance that needs proper strategic planning. Kaufman suggested insulating your company by ensuring your supply chain and the quality of product that supports it." [The consumer] may pay a premium for the assurances of the supply chain," he stated, "however they would like to know that it's not just a matter of what [the item] looks like however that it's right.

3D printing will enable producers to certify the rights to their styles, which might be made downloadable to the licensee to 3D print. The innovation could likewise bring production levels more in line with demand, consequently saving money on production, shipment and storage expenses." If you look at a normal drug store, for instance, they have all these medicines with a sell-by date and are hoping someone will come in and require a prescription for it prior to they need to toss it out," Kaufman said.

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The company does not have to make things that might never get taken, never needs to ship them and never has to store them. Whatever can be made as required." The future of the industry, According to Sarah Boisvert, creator of Fab Lab Hub, "we have actually gotten past the buzz phase" of 3D printing.

This does not indicate the market doesn't deal with challenges moving forward however. Boisvert pointed out the need for competent production employees. She isn't alone in her concern, as the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) continues to harp on the problems manufacturing companies face when seeking qualified staff members. In fact, a recent NAM research study shared that almost 50 percent of little to medium-sized makers surveyed consider finding quality employees a major issue.