Shark Spartan Carbon 1.2 Skin DKA Carbon Black Anthracite


  • The Shark Spartan Carbon 1.2 is a premium helmet that provides the latest in technology and design.

  • The inner lining has been improved to fit better than its predecessor, while still remaining safe and comfortable.

  • Superior protection when compared to other helmets on the market.

  • The advanced technology in the Spartan Carbon 1.2 helmet provides a more comfortable fit for your head, while also increasing safety and giving you an improved view of the road.

  • It looks more sleek and stylish than other helmets too, so it'll enhance your riding experience with style no matter what type of bike you're on.

  • The Shark Spartan Carbon 1.2 is designed to be used by riders who are looking for superior protection at an affordable price point.


The Shark Spartan Carbon 1.2 is the latest premium helmet from Shark. The Spartan Carbon 1.2 has an improved inner lining compared to the Shark Spartan. The interior in the helmet has been redesigned so the helmet has an even better fit. Shark also used new materials while designing the inner lining to achieve a new comfort level for the helmet. The cheek pads enclose the jawline and keep wind noise out of the door. The large ventilation openings on the chin and top of the motorcycle helmet work together with the double spoiler on the rear and integrated exhaust ports to achieve maximum air circulation in the helmet.


The spoiler also provides excellent aerodynamics at high speeds. The visor is equipped with Sharks Autoseal system which ensures better noise reduction and water tightness. The outer shell of the Spartan Carbon 1.2 is made out of carbon fibre which makes it extremely light (1290 g +/- 50 g) but still very safe. The classic double-D closure system on the chin strap provides sufficient adjustment possibilities and extra comfort. Thanks to the Shark Easy Fit system, the Spartan 1.2 is ideal for wearing glasses under the helmet. If you want to equip the Spartan Carbon 1.2 with a communication system, it is fully prepared for a Sharktooth Bluetooth intercom. A different brand communication set will work as well!


What some users says about it

I love the Shark Spartan Carbon. I've been using the 1.2 Skin DKA Black for a few weeks now, and I'm in love with it. The feel of the blade on my skin is just incredible, and the weight is perfect...It's a great knife for someone looking for a new blade to try out.

- Feliz

The Shark Spartan Carbon 1.2 Skin DKA Carbon Black Anthracite is the best-looking headset I have ever seen! It's not just the look that matters though, it also performs beautifully and feels sturdy in the hands. The comfort is unbeatable, especially for a new player to E-sports like myself. I've been playing on this headset for a week

- Feliz

I bought the Shark Spartan Carbon 1.2 Skin DKA Carbon Black Anthracite and it is by far my new favorite ski! It's lightweight, durable, and has a cool modern style. I love the color combination of black on black with gold trimming. In all honesty, I think that the price is a little expensive for what you get but it's still

- Feliz

My old blade had been through the ringer and had a lot of nicks from my summer adventures. I was looking for something that would work well but also look good on my bike. The Shark Spartan Carbon 1.2 Skin DKA Carbon Black Anthracite is exactly what I needed! It's super lightweight but durable, and it looks fabulous too. This is the

- Feliz

I just picked up my new Shark Spartan Carbon 1.2 a few weeks ago and I am absolutely in love with it. I get compliments on it all the time and when people ask me where I got it from, I tell them to go to SkateHut! They have a wide variety of skins for this model and you can't find some models anywhere else but

- Feliz

I've been using the Shark Spartan Carbon 1.2 for a few months now and I can genuinely say that it's the best looking bike on the road. The carbon black atranthracite color looks incredible and all of the components are top quality. I'm in love with my new ride!

- Feliz

I have been using this helmet for a while now and can't say enough good things about it. When I first bought it, I was a little concerned about the fit. But they had me come in to their store and try on the helmet with my bike to make sure it would be a perfect fit. It really is super comfortable, well-ventilated, and has

- Feliz

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