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QIDI TECH Shadow 6.0 Pro 3D Printer, UV LCD Resin Printer with Upgraded Matrix UV LED Light Source, Dual Z axis Liner Rail...

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【Latest Upgrade Resin QIDI 3d Printer】Shadow 6.0 Pro is a fully upgraded version based on Shadow 5.5S by our company. Shadow 5.5S uses 2K 5.5" screen size:120mm(L)*68mm(W). But Shadow 6.0 Pro uses 2K 6.0" screen size:132mm(L)*74mm(W), So it increases the printing area by 20%. Comprehensive leading industrial design,precision manufacturing.(Exclude the resin) 【Upgraded matrix UV Module】 With the Upgraded matrix UV LED arrays, Shadow 6.0 Pro printing resolution is better, higher intensity and shorter time of curing,only need about 5-6S. 【Large Resin Vat Capacity】Shadow 6.0 Pro is equipped with more large capacity Resin Vat,  and the printing area is 130*70*150mm.  Release film: After the model is printed,  the model is more convenient to leave the film! 【Double Z-axis linear guide】Shadow 6.0 Pro adopts the highest stable structure: unique dual-rail, double-slider fixed,  equipped with 4 optical axis structure,  making the 3d printer more stable in the printing process,  with stronger stretching force for precise printing! 【Professional after-service team】 QIDI TECH Professional Amazon after-service team,if you have any problem about our 3d printer, we will reply to you within 24 hours. Free one-year warranty (the 2K LCD and FEP film are excluded ).
User says:

Qidi is hands down the best customer service you can look for in a company. They are truly dedicated to "the customer is always right". Nevertheless if you want quality out of the box and a pain free print hobby, these printers are by far the best you can buy in their category with the elegoo mars, anycubic etc. Im am part of many 3d printer forums, and hands down the prints that come off this machine are neck and neck if not better. The printer stands out due no not having any problems hardware wise as other printers that continuously have z-wobble, lcd screen problems and bearing issues. If you have any questions you can email support and they will immediately get back to you. If you have file problems; you can send it their way and they will set up for you. Above are some of the prints that have come out of the 6.0 pro. these are huge prints over 10 inches tall.I am very pleased with this company and their products. I own the 5.5s and the 6.0 pro and the qidi tech x-one.

User says:

Firstly, I don't like buying "entry level" stuff because I outgrow it fast and it's a waste. I'm also very thorough with my product comparison and research before I buy something and let me tell you, I'm positive I picked the best printer in this price bracket. Full disclosure, the first printer I ordered came with a faulty stepper driver and died after about 5 prints. The customer support email comes on a sticker on the printer. I sent them an email and got a response the same day and the problem was resolved within the week. Fantastic customer service. The print quality is amazing. I have friends that used resin printers long before me and this definitely stands out from the crowd. Layer lines are invisible and print times are faster than the Elegoo. If I ever go into larger scale manufacturing I'd be very confident using a farm of these bad boys.

User says:

It's been some time since I purchased the Shadow 6.0. Never having dabbled in resin printing before, this was my first foray. I was a little nervous and intimidated (I own a QIDI X-max...mostly PLA) but I wasn't thrilled with the post-work involved using an FDM printer to make cosplay props. Those of you that have sanded PLA smooth, know what I'm talking about. There had to be something better.There was.The price had just come I bit the bullet. The first Shadow arrived and it was damaged in transit. Stepper motor was damaged. Like lightning, QIDI was there with a solution. They got the Shadow up and running within a few days through no fault of their own. Amy was amazing.Started with a simple print (badges in the pics) and was astounded. I had no post-work to do other than painting. So much good detail and no bad artifacts present. I was in Heaven.Have since been running round the clock with this and has produced solid print after print every time.The drawback to this printer is the build size. (I also own a QIDI resin S-box...see the reviews. If you want more room, this is the way to go.) If you are smart you can use a 3rd party app like Meshmixer to plane cut bigger things and they will join seamlessly.This thing is accurate, fast and a JOY to work with. Thanks to QIDI Tech. Amazing. Recommended.

User says:

When I first bought this printer, there were problems. I don't know if I was given a bunch of used parts or something but right out the gate I couldn't print anything. My resin vat had holes, my build plate was beat up and scratch, I had a large scratch on the UV blocking window, and I saw resin stains everywhere.Contacted support and they were quick to send me new parts to replace everything that was wrong. I bought the printer on the word of mouth that QIDI customer support is amazing and they didn't disappoint. Got the parts and replaced them (though there was difficulty switching build plates because leftover resin caused the screws to not want to turn).After I got everything together, it's been nothing but smooth sailing. It was easy to assemble and very easy to level the bed. The touch screen is great because makes things easy to find which file to print when it gives an image of what you're printing. This is helpful when you print a lot of stuff and forget which file is which. Thanks to the fans and filters there is no strong resin smell and it runs very quietly. Everything I've printed has come out amazing and the only screw ups were on my end for setting the files up incorrectly.Honestly the only reason this printer doesn't get 5 stars is because of the poor state I received it in initially. I have zero complaints outside of that

User says:

I received the printer and had a extremely hard time getting stuff to print out correctly. After doing some troubleshooting with Amy from Qidi Tech, we got the system working. After a few days the issues started again. After sending them a picture and a couple of videos they sent me a free replacement motor. It only took DHL 2 days to get it from CHINA to the US. I was surprised how fast it came in! The printer was only down for 3 days. The paint on the VAT started to come off so they sent me a replacement with a new coating, so far so good. For all the trouble they also sent me a free bottle of resin too. I may have got a rough unit but they smoothed it out with no hassle. These folks have better customer service than a lot of American companies out there. I would recommend this unit to anyone. It seems to be a hybrid of a Elegoo Mars and the Anycubic Photon.

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