Intel New CPU Release Date - Must Read This

Intel New CPU Release Date And Price

Has anyone noticed that there is not a whole lot of Intel information being released about their new CPU's. Well, that is all set to change with the upcoming New CPU release date. It has been a common notion among users that Intel's new line of processors would be launched on a regular basis, but this is not the case. For some time now Intel has been keeping a lot of secrets, mainly because they do not want their competition to steal market share from them.

Intel New CPU Release Date


So what exactly is on the new processors that are to be launched in the future? Well, the first part of the new line of processors is to be a dual core one. This has been a rumor that has been around for a while. It is said that Intel is planning on releasing two different types of processors, each doing a particular task, such as gaming or business. These new Intel New CPUs will offer something that no other manufacturer in the world can currently offer. And that is a very good thing, because users really need a break from all the software bloat that is saturating the market today.


The other part of the new line of Intel processors will be dual core. This is the main focus of this new generation of computers, and it promises extreme power efficiency. It is also expected to introduce some new features in hardware as well. All of this is part of the plan, and Intel is certainly keeping up with the competition. They are trying to create a new path for computing that can stand on its own. Intel could not do this by just launching another New CPU, because it would not be successful.


As far as a release date goes, we don't know anything concrete. They will most likely hold a press conference, although there is always the chance that they announce something at a later date. If they are planning on introducing two new lines of processors however, then they have to share some information with the press before giving them any information. In order for them to succeed at this, they need to provide the information that everyone is eagerly anticipating.


So what exactly are these new processors? Well, they will likely be some form of ultra-small desktop. Many people are already interested in the new, smaller size, and many want the benefit of having one computer that can do everything they need. But how small will this new line of Intel ultra-small systems be?


Well, this depends upon the exact specifications that Intel has given us. One of the things that has been speculated is that they will be one chip, one microprocessor, and two gigabytes or less. One thing that many experts believe though, is that they may actually launch three new lines of Intel processors each year and make one super processors for each. The idea is that one will be geared towards gaming, one for business, and one for the average consumer.


The new line of Intel processors will come with software that is designed to increase the speed of tasks for users. This should help anyone with a sluggish PC get much faster speeds. It may also help to speed up the overall response time of a computer as well. This should help someone who has problems with their computer that needs a lot of processing power to be able to open a program or file very quickly. It will also help with multi-tasking by allowing someone to open up a program or file while another program or document is being worked on.


The new line of Intel processors should be available sometime around June 2007. It will be interesting to see just what kind of price points can be offered. Right now, the prices have not been finalized, but it is safe to assume that they will be very high end. However, it will still be some time before we know just what the new line of computers will look like. Stay tuned!