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GLOTRENDS Graphics Card GPU Brace Support, Universal VGA Graphics Card Holder, Anodized Aerospace Aluminum,DIY Adjustable ...

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Tool Free Design, Easy to Install and Use. Segmented Design,Support 2 Graphics Cards/CPU Fans Max. Fully Made of Alumium Alloy,Can Stand for Decades,One Purchase, Long-term Use. Concealed Magnet Design Base, Convenient to Install and Adjust the Positions. Slide Design,Easy to Adjust the Height to Match Various Computer Cases and Mother Boards.
User says:

The product itself is of excellent quality. No chips dents or bad craftsmanship. Fantastic work here guys. The two poles nicely go together without any problems and line up completely straight. The fact that there is absolutely ZERO branding makes this product even better. The holding pegs are also of pristine quality with a nice touch of rubber padding. I can’t express how well this product was crafted. Simple but definitely of prestige quality. I would highly recommend this product to anyone who is looking to help hold up large and heavy GPUs. Currently it’s helping support my Sapphire Nitro+ 5700XT and it looks amazing. Does not stick out like a sore thumb like I thought these type of support holders might look.As far as price, because I wanted black, I had to end up paying much more than the other colors which I find was over priced in comparison. All in all though I would highly recommend this product

User says:

Pretty nice gpu support, I ended up using it to keep my upside down gpu from bouncing around in my flimsy case. I replaced the thumb screws it had with some regular m4 screws because the other ones were too big. I was worried the supports were going to slide up and down since the mechanism is pretty basic and just uses screws to hold it in place but its pretty sturdy if you tighten it with a screwdriver. pretty good for what i needed it for.

User says:

Great purchase. Exactly what I needed and seems to be great quality. Also found out you don't need to use both vertical rods of you don't need that much height which was perfect for my case. Was pleasantly surprised at this one, don't hesitate to purchase

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