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Our flexible line of extruders enables you to alter nozzles depending upon your application and purpose. Utilize a small diameter nozzle for fine layer resolutions or go larger with big size nozzles for fast printing and strong parts. Modular styles can accommodate filament sizes from 1. 75 mm to 6 mm and nozzles sizes from 0.

In addition, quick-swap dual extruder heads provide high quality 3D prints while being independently managed for speed and extruded product quantities. Reliability with the free market benefit Innovation utilized for commercial-grade products will not work for production applications. Therefore, business need to address the demands of dependability and performance by utilizing industry-proven mechanical and electrical parts.

3DP is harnessing the energy of a global network of product researchers by utilizing open market solutions. Within these free markets, skilled professionals mix numerous polymers to attain particular end goals for specific tasks. In addition, open software markets can spark development by providing real-time 3D printed designs that can be easily accessed and shared.

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Go big with the power of innovation Think BIG, Print BIG, Save BIG! 3D Platform is using innovation to develop big format 3D printers that are sized to fulfill any requirement. Take a look at the future of 3D printing! This extra-large format 3D printer not just boasts a bigger develop location, however it's likewise budget friendly.

The Work, Center 500 is currently the only device in the large format classification to offer the choice of pellet or lament extruder(s) or both! Our large format 3D printer with heated enclosure is currently in the design procedure! With a print volume of more than 1 cubic meter, the Work, Cell's heated enclosure will enable users to exceed polymers that are usually printed in an open ambient environment, including product plastics, crafted plastics, and high-performance plastics.