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The Facts About The Xeons Motherboards

With the recent launch of the new Intel Core i7-processor, the Haswell series of processors has been left behind in the processor race. However, this isn't the end of the story. The Intel Core i7 Processor does have one major competitor in the form of AMD's latest creation, the AMD Opter CPU. But what exactly is it that makes AMD's CPU so much more powerful than Intel's?

Does Ryzen CPU Come With Cooler


When it comes to processing power, not all six core AMD models can take the place of the Core 2 Duo. This particular model features a maximum four active threads on the CPU and has four cores. On the other hand, the six core Intel models have five active threads but no cores. Therefore, they are classified as six core processors.


The six core processor is also much more efficient when it comes to core tagging. The cores have their own small segment of memory, which is reserved exclusively for them. They do not share this memory with any other core. Thus the Intel model runs a lot faster than the AMD model. But this is not all.


The six core processor has much better memory bandwidth. It is capable of accessing the data at an extreme rate. While the AMD Opter does have a relatively high memory bandwidth, the six core processor can match it.


But it isn't just the memory that is enhanced by the six core model. Other factors such as the motherboard have changed with the introduction of this model. For the past three generations, the motherboard provided only one PCI Express slot. This meant that the motherboard could only support a single platform for the CPU to run on. However, the six core processor works quite differently.


The PCI Express slots are connected via four-lane interface which is supported by the Xeons. Therefore, motherboard manufacturers have had to adjust their motherboards accordingly. These motherboards work very well with the new processor. They still provide enough slots for PCI Express cards and they are compatible with older standard motherboards. They do however, support quad core processors.


There have been instances where some users reported that the application processes take a long time to run on the Xeons compared to the AMD Athlon. This is not necessarily true. It depends upon the application. The overall speed of the application will ultimately determine whether this is a true problem or if it is related to the lack of six core processing.


There have been rumors that the Xeons will not be supported by Windows XP. Though this is not the case, it does mean that you would have to use a different OS for the core. Most people prefer Linux, so this would not be a big deal. However, those who want a Windows OS can go ahead. However, Windows OS would require a few drivers that are not present in the latest version of the Xeons.


There was a rumor that the six core processor in the Xeons is faster than the dual core processor. This is not true. In fact, they are very close in many of the technical aspects.


There has been some talk about the price of the Xeons. These motherboards are much more expensive than the previous models. Therefore, you need to compare the prices of these models with other motherboard brands before making your final decision.


If you want to save money, then you should opt for a warranty for your Xeons. There are boards that come with one-year warranties. However, you should make sure that you get a warranty for the motherboard while purchasing it. If you bought a brand new computer from the retail stores, then you would have to look around for the best warranty deals. Sometimes, even factory seconds would suffice.


The prices of the Xeons are considerably higher than other current motherboards. You should therefore consider buying a new one from the market if you want to enjoy a faster and better performance. The prices of these motherboards are certainly affordable, but you would have to be smart enough to find the right deal.