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Creality Ender 3 V2 3D Printer, 2020 Newest FDM All Metal 3D Printers Kit with Upgraded Silent Motherboard, Carborundum Gl...

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【Tempered Glass Print Bed】This glass plate is a popular upgrade for the normal Ender 3 and Ender 3 Pro because of its very good adhesion and fast heating speed. The smooth first layer also increases the aesthetics of your finished models. With the latest Creality Ender 3 V2 3d printer, you no longer have to buy this upgrade because the printer comes with it as standard. 【Creality V4.2.2 32 Bits Silent Mainboard】The noise of 3d printers can be very annoying. This upgrade mainboard has eliminates this problem. It has been built to offer a beefy level of power, featuring an ARM Cortex-M3 STM32F103 CPU and a TMC2208 stepper drivers. This makes it powerful to operating a great machine, but also near-silent in operations, completely void of the classic stepper driver squeaks and squeals as the stepper motors twist and turn. 【UL Certified MeanWell Power Supply】Equipped with brand name MeanWell power supply to heat up quickly and let useers choose between power voltage of 115V or 230V. Meanwhile the ender 3 v2 has been shielded by its power supply from voltage spikes and power outages. If electrical power is lost, prints can be resumed from the last layer, saving time and reducing waste. 【Beginner Friendly】Creality Ender 3 V2 offers easier to understand operations, simplified involvement from the user, and essentially more accessibility to Makers of all ages and expertise. These kinds of upgrades means beginners don’t have to spend the many hours of learning, testing and tweaking to enjoy great prints nowadays, reducing the barrier of entry and allowing everyone to get involved in the beautiful culmination of creativity and science that is 3D Printing. 【Many More Minor Improvements】The sleek design with discretely hidden power supply, the nice blue extruder knob for easy filament feeding and filament changes. A tiny tool drawer for keeping tools, spare nozzles and other handy items in, improved belt tensioners that are both easier to reach and nicer to use. They all add to the overall user experience, making the ender 3 v2 printer easier and more convenient to use and understand.
User says:

[[VIDEOID:66df1a4d6ac33d4b9f1afe8bd05e7156]] I've been wanting to get a 3D printer for years and now that I'm working from home I had a chance to do some reading and came upon the Ender 3 v2 and it was much easier to set up, use, and enjoy than I thought it would be. It arrives in a well-protected box and everything has a quality look and feel to it. The rails have great craftsmanship. Solid, straight and the millwork is exceptional. Since I've only played with one at my college where I work I was at first extremely intimidated putting it together. Being a novice I found the instruction manual a bit daunting so I watched some videos and was surprised at how easy it is to truly assemble even though great care needs to be taken to make sure each step is completed correctly and each item is tightened down correctly.Once assembled I thought it was easy as turning it on.. doing some site adjustments and off and running. My first attempt at printing something it didn't stick well for me, and read a bit and found it was important to clean it off with rubbing alcohol first and don't use a paper towel, but a cloth so you don't leave lint behind. I found using some stick glue was helpful as well, but learned a more valuable lesson that a higher table temperature is not a good thing. Follow the instructions and it works out wonderfully. but having a heated plate is so much better for making a print and a huge bonus of this machine. The navigation of the controls is easy and the knob turns smoothly and can move through things quickly to make adjustments that are best for your print. It comes with a small micro memory card that you can use to update the firmware and transfer printing files.

User says:

[[VIDEOID:4cc8d33ae0bed737c3b6fe46d4e4daf]] Where to start???? First off I have NEVER owned a 3D printer and have never used a 3D printer. This thing is incredible, truly makes the mind boggle at the possibilities of creating. My first print ever, not even a test cube or a small test for accuracy, I went straight for a 7 piece fume extractor fan(pictured in the photos) and it came out perfect. BL TOUCH? Take five minutes out of your day to take a piece of paper and just level the bed, it’s that simple. You don’t have to do anything, I mean anything to make this thing deliver amazing prints! I feel like I should be sponsored by them! But seriously I’m in awe at the quality and price for this thing, my only regret is not purchasing one years ago. Now I want another.*use something to make the print adhere to the bed or else it can come apart from the bed and your print is done. I just used blue elmers kids glue and as it might be ugly, it works a treat.The printer has been running non stop for 3 days now and I have no issues, I just clean it up and check the belt tension between prints and occasionally look at the bed. Other than that I don’t know how this product could get anything less than 5 stars and for sub 300$, this printer has already paid for itself it what I’ve made from it. Hats off to creality for producing an epic product for so cheap.Don’t even wait, just buy one you will be so stoked, I researched these printers for at least 6 months before buying one and was pretty sure I “needed” the prusia mini, or anything from that company. Because, they’re expensive and people say great things so I just assumed these ender models were junk for printing cubes and dice. Well I was wrong and as the other more expensive printers are most likely excellent, for the price and ease of use, this one clicks off all the boxes!!!!

User says:

Summary: This is an amazing printer at an awesome price point. It’s worth every penny. The only thing preventing 5 stars is the screen on mine has a couple columns of pixels that have gone out. Other than that, it’s perfect.Note to Seller: Please help with bad screen? Would love a replacement and will update to 5 stars. Let me start by saying that I have been 3D printing for a long time. My very first printer was the BIBO 2 and it was a great starter machine. I’ve had quite a few printers since then, but a couple of weeks ago I thought I would give the Ender 3 Pro a try. It literally blew my mind. 🤯The price point, the quality of the prints, the simple UI interaction, everything about it was amazing. So amazing that I wanted to buy another. While browsing around looking at the Ender 3 Pro, Ender 5 Pro, CR-10S V2, etc., this bad boy popped up in my suggestions. The integrated power supply, updated belt tensioners, the new filament feed handle, integrated tool drawer, and the new screen made it a no brainer... 🧠I can say that the quality of the prints is the same, maybe even slightly better. But one substantial improvement I didn’t consider is the noise. This thing is quiet af. It’s amazing. I have it on my night stand right next to my bed and I can barely hear it when going to bed.Long story short, don’t hesitate to buy this. It is worth every penny.However, as I stated in the summary, my unit’s screen came with a couple columns of pixels that are out which means the screen has these permanent white lines running vertically on the screen. I can’t imagine this is common but I also can’t really speculate either. I will keep this review updated with responses from the seller. Hopefully they will replace it for me.

User says:

I have been using 3D printers for over 10 years and have owned almost all major manufactures. And it was surprising to me how wonderful this machine is!The package arrived quickly, and was packaged well. The last two, unnamed, I purchase where damaged due to not being well packaged.The set up was simple and had good instructions.Now the biggest thing for me with any printer is operational noise. I have to say that this is the quietest printer I have ever seen. The smoothness of operation and the quality are not lacking. After printing the factory test I would swear the printer never started, but to my amazement there was a print on the bed that was smooth, great layer lines and no threading at all.I highly recommend anyone from a first time printer to someone that owns a farm, but this machine. You will be impressed. As I was.

User says:

[[VIDEOID:2cd2e60a6dab37f10de419ae8f6c3ff7]] Great 3d printer for the price is my first printer and i am in love the default quality is pretty good

User says:

[[VIDEOID:ef52a9eaff5f9bc7a8673e71d8336493]] This printer is phenomenal. Very easy setup even though it has to be manually assembled, but there are tons of assembly videos available. I didn't know too much about 3D Printing before my purchase, but this printer is very simple and easy to use. I would recommend this as anyone's first printer. Product was also delivered very fast.

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