Asrock B450m Pro4 Compatible CPU - Beware of This

The Asrock B 450M Pro4 Review - Computer Features and Functions

The Asrock B 450M Pro4 is a good option if you are looking for a motherboard with four ports. It offers the same level of performance as other Asrock motherboards that cost more than this one. It features an AMD Athlon processor, three USB ports, a Firewire port, and audio cards. The three USB ports can be used to connect a thumb drive or other port to your computer. If you would like to connect with other peripheral devices, you will need an Ethernet port.

Asrock B450m Pro4 Compatible CPU


It does not have a built in sound card, but that is fine. Many people purchase the Asrock B 450M Pro4 to use with their computers. They need the extra sound card. This motherboard will allow you to plug in speakers through the rear or front vents. It can handle dual graphics cards also. There are many options available with this motherboard.


It is very compact, which makes it a good choice for someone who does not need a desktop computer. It has room for two ATA drives, but only one PCI express slot. This motherboard will give you all the expansion that you need without over crowding your hard drive. You can add another two USB ports on the front if you like.


This computer does not have a floppy drive. It comes with a CD drive and CD Writer. You can update applications through the Internet and install software easily. You can burn the CDs in your computer and make your own CDs if you do not have a CD drive.


There are some drawbacks with the Asrock B 450M Pro4 as far as computer capabilities are concerned. It does not have an operating system, so running other types of software is out of the question. There is no word on whether the motherboard will be compatible with future upgrades or if it is a true mother board. You will have to buy it new and with an additional motherboard to take advantage of the additional features.


The price is a little high for this computer. It does have higher than average pricing, but compared to other motherboards it is actually reasonable. The price also fits in with the benefits you get from a good quality computer. You are getting more than the price of the computer. The extra money you spend may even make it last longer than other machines on the market.


The warranty on the Asrock B 450M Pro4 is short and sweet. It does not go beyond five years. You will have trouble replacing broken parts, if any, within that time frame because there are no moving parts in the motherboard. This could cause some problems if you did happen to experience a problem, but most of the time these issues will go away on their own.


It does not have everything that you might want in a computer, but it does have enough to make your life a little easier. If you are looking for a computer with the most features, then you are going to need to look somewhere else. This one is more for those who like to play games on their computer. It is a big name brand, but you can expect to get a quality machine for your buck. If you are looking for a computer with plenty of speed and memory, then look somewhere else.


There are tons of reviews online about this computer. One of the biggest gripes people had was that it did not have enough slots to store all of your data. They thought the motherboard would be too big and bulky to be able to fit inside the case.


In actuality, the Asrock B 450M Pro4 has a full sized motherboard that will fit inside most cases today. It is not as big as some of the other motherboards out there, but it is still fairly sizable. It will also have enough spacing between the PCI Express slots to allow for plenty of room. The standard size for the PCI express slots on other computer motherboards are PCI Express x8 and x16.


These days, there are so many computer components on the market that the choices can be difficult. Asrock has done an excellent job of balancing features and price. They do not sacrifice quality in the process. The B 450M is one of the best computer motherboards you can get if you are looking for a compact, yet powerful computer. It comes with plenty of features, and plenty of power for those who want to build a computer that does everything they need. If you search around, you may be surprised by the price, and the features that come with it.