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Utilizing a 33-foot long printer, New Story is able to produce a 500 square-foot house, total with walls, windows and two bed rooms in just 24 hr. So far, New Story has created tiny 3D-printed home areas in Mexico, Haiti, El Salvador and Bolivia, with more than 2,000 houses being 100% printed.

3D Printed Food 3D printed food looks like something out of the Jetsons or too good to be real. In fact, if it can be pureed, it can be securely printed. Like something out of a sci-fi show, 3D printers layer on real pureed components, like chicken and carrots, in order to recreate the foods we understand and love.

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You might want to buy your meal ahead though. 3D food printers are still fairly sluggish. For instance, a detailed piece of chocolate takes about 15-20 minutes to print. Even so, we have actually seen printers craft everything from burgers to pizza and even gingerbread houses using this mind-blowing technology. 3D Printed Organs and Prosthetic Limbs In the near future, we'll see 3D printers create working organs for those awaiting transplants.

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In this procedure, organs are very first 3D designed utilizing the specific requirements of the recipient's body, then a combination of living cells and polymer gel (much better called bioink) are printed off layer-by-layer to develop a living human organ. This breakthrough technology has the ability to change the medical market as we understand it and reduce the drastically-high variety of clients on the organ donation waitlist in the US.

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Rather of costs numerous countless dollars on a new hand, arm or leg with traditional prosthetic techniques, 3D printers can provide a similar appearance and feel for as low as $50. Undoubtedly, these printed prosthetics are not as high quality as expert prosthetics, however they make outstanding replacements for kids who are more prone to break their prosthetics and grow out of them.