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A founded guilty felon living in the Lehigh Valley was dealing meth and making homemade firearms using a 3D printer in his house, the Pennsylvania Chief law officer's office announced Tuesday. When representatives on Thursday robbed the Lehigh Municipality home of Kenneth Wilson, they reported discovering three firearms, crystal methamphetamine, cannabis and assorted drug stuff.

He has past felony worsened assault and drug delivery offenses, and was totally free on bail at the time while waiting for trial in a methamphetamine trafficking case from last fall. Agents likewise found three "ghost" gun frames and two 3D printers used to produce homemade gun components. Ghost guns are manually put together and do not have identification numbers, making them almost untraceable.

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As soon as assembled, these totally functional firearms often become a tool for senseless violence," Shapiro stated in a release. "Ghost weapons are rapidly ending up being the weapon of option for lawbreakers that take the lives of a lot of Pennsylvanians. My office is working overtime to target these weapon traffickers and get illegal weapons off our streets."Shapiro is a veteran supporter of closing legal loopholes that permit homemade weapons, arguing bad guys who would be not able to legally obtain a gun make use of the loopholes.

Attorney General Of The United States Merrick Garland to close the loophole in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives's interpretation of the federal Gun Control Act, which permits individuals forbidden from purchasing guns to be able to buy 80% receivers, which can be used to make ghost guns. The kits can be sold online and at gun shows without background checks.

One of the 3D printers agents with the Pennsylvania Attorney general of the United States's office took June 24, 20201, as they raided a home in Lehigh Area. Authorities said Kenneth Wilson was printing "ghost guns" using the printers and molds. Picture courtesy the Pennsylvania Attorney general of the United States's office For lehighvalleylive. com, Our journalism requires your assistance.

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Barely a decade ago, 3D printers were hulking, costly machines reserved for factories and well-heeled corporations. They were all but unidentified outside the little circles of experts who constructed and utilized them. But thanks mainly to the Representative, Rap open-source 3D printing motion, these incredible gadgets have actually become practical and economical products for usage by designers, engineers, enthusiasts, schools, and even curious customers.