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Ensure the filament is the right diameter for your printer, and that the spool is the best size. In a lot of cases, you can purchase or make (even 3D print) a spool holder that will fit different spool sizes. (For far more on 3D printing filaments, have a look at our filament explainer).

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Only a limited color scheme is offered, usually clear, white, gray, black, or gold. Working with liquid resin and isopropyl alcohol, which is used in the finishing process for stereolithography prints, can be unpleasant and odiferous. How High a Resolution Do You Need? A 3D printer extrudes successive thin layers of molten plastic in accordance with directions coded in the apply for the object being printed.

Resolution is measured in microns (0. 001mm); the lower the number, the higher the resolution. That's since the thinner each layer is, the more layers are needed to print any offered object, and the finer the detail that can be caught. Keep in mind, however, that increasing resolution is sort of like increasing a digital camera's megapixel countalthough greater resolution frequently assists, it does not ensure excellent print quality.